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Oct 15, 2021

Some staggering stats: Over 90 percent of falls in memory-care facilities go unwitnessed, resulting in an industry average discovery time of 40 minutes. Worried that his mother may one day succumb to the history of Alzheimer's disease in her family, computer scientist George Netscher left his Ph.D. work at UC Berkeley's top-ranked AI research lab to launch a company focused on detecting and preventing falls through the use of computer vision and artificial intelligence. That company is SafelyYou, and George along with his COO, Shirley Nickels, join Eclipse Partner Justin Butler to share their inspiring progress and passion for elevating and evolving dementia care.


Show notes:

YouTube: SafelyYou - Using AI to Detect and Prevent Falls

TechCrunch: When grandma falls, SafelyYou is there to catch her (on video)

Eclipse: Investing in Healthcare Infrastructure